How Can You Help?

Sarah’s House is only made possible by the generosity of those in the community at large, whether they be businesses, individuals or other civic groups. We recognize that not everyone has the financial resources to support our mission, but, if you would like to make a difference for Sarah’s House, then please consider donating physical goods. Hover over, or click, each box to see what our current needs are. These needs change every so often so make sure to check back regularly!

Office Supplies

These supplies get used quickly, so there's a constant need to replenish them.
HP Printer Cartridges – Black #934 and Color #935
HP Printer Cartridges – Black #952 (black & color same #)
Manila Folders (Letter 3Tab)
Hanging File Folders (Letter Size)

Household Supplies

Since we're one, big house, we have a pressing need for these items.
Clorox Wipes
Dryer Sheets (scent free)
Furniture Polish
Granite Countertop Cleaner
Household Supplies:
Liquid Fabric Softener (scent free)
Lysol Spray
Paper Towels
Pinesol/Mr. Clean
Scrubbing Bubbles
Simple Green
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Swiffer 360 Refills
Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaning Solution
Swiffer Wet Jet Clothes (not pre-moistened)
Trash Bags – (medium, 4 gallons)
Trash Bags – (kitchen, 13 gallon)
Windex (refills)ls

Pantry Supplies

We like to keep our pantry stocked with these basics so people can bring less.
Hannaford Gift Cards
Bottled Water
Cooking Spray

Amazon Wish List

If you buy a lot on Amazon, flip this card to see our link!

Your gift to Sarah’s House helps support the region’s first and only cancer hospitality house and keeps our doors open to the cancer patients of northern and eastern Maine.