James L. Haddix – President, Sarah’s House Board of Directors

Rev. James L. Haddix, Ph.D. is President of the Sarah’s House Board (2016-Present).  He was one of the founding members of Sarah’s House and served as Vice President (from 2012).  He is a member of the Bangor Noontime Rotary (since 1990) and a Paul Harris Fellow.  Haddix was a member of the original board of The Oncology Support Foundation (2005 – 2015) which provided direct aid and support to cancer patients and their families.

“Sarah’s House changes lives. It is a privilege to serve as a volunteer with other volunteers to see the mission of this House embrace so many with hope and care.  It is an honor to serve with such a dedicated and competent Executive Director as Delores Landry, and with such a remarkable Board of Directors who give unstintingly of their time and devotion.  It is certainly one of the finest institutions with which I have been associated.”

Lindsay Holmstrom – Vice President of the Board of Directors

Lindsay Holmstrom is Sarah’s identical twin sister and has been working to make Sarah’s dream come true from the day she first heard the idea from her sister. Sarah worked day and night to make the house a reality before she passed and Lindsay was with her every step of the way. Lindsay took Sarah to visit other hospitality houses to gain inspiration, brainstormed with her on ideas for how the house should run, and always supported Sarah in any way that she could. Since Sarah’s passing in 2011, Lindsay has worked to help make her dream come true along with Sarah’s family and friends, the community, and many dedicated volunteers and donors. Lindsay has served in many roles over the years for Sarah’s House including fundraising, board membership, community event planning and just loves to spend any free chance she can at the house with guests and volunteers. Lindsay says, “Sarah’s House is such an amazing place, filled with love, hope, and courage, just like Sarah was. Being at Sarah’s House let’s me feel like she is still here, it’s an incredible place and inspires me everyday.”

If you see Lindsay, please introduce yourself, and feel free to email or call her anytime day or night!

Sarah’s House Board of Directors

  • Jim Haddix, President

  • Lindsay Holmstrom, Vice-President

  • Robin Merchant, Secretary

  • Patricia Peaslee

  • John Simpson
  • Deanna Thurston

  • Russ Harrington

  • John Long
  • Brad Coffey

  • Jenifer Butler

  • Walter Moore
  • Sarah Smith

Now that you’ve met the team, please consider joining us at Sarah’s House. We’re always looking for people to volunteer along side us. If you can give us the gift of your time, we’d love to have you!