Support Sarah’s House

Your gift to Sarah’s House helps support the region’s first and only cancer hospitality house and keeps our doors open to the cancer patients of northern and eastern Maine.

Why Give?

Cancer patients in this region typically receive the majority or the entirety of their care at Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Cancer Care located at the Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer.
  • On a given day at EMMC Cancer Care, between 250 and 300 patients are seen and treated.
  • On average, each day close to 135 patients travel 30 or more miles each way to receive cancer services.
  • While each patient’s treatment protocol is unique, it is common for some patients to have to visit EMMC Cancer Care 40 times in the first year of treatment. Visits are sometimes quick, but often treatment sessions will last two to three hours.

Make a Difference

Unfortunately, cancer patients in Maine are often forced to travel great distances on a regular basis in order to receive life-saving care. Over a recent 10-year period, more than 8,000 cancer patients traveled from outside of the immediate service area and the surrounding counties of northern and eastern Maine.
These are the people who receive treatment. Many of them could use a place to stay near the Lafayette Family Cancer Center.  Your gift of support to Sarah’s House insures that people have a place to stay while undergoing treatment in Brewer.

Not everyone has the financial ability to support the house like maybe they would like. We’re always looking for people to volunteer at the house itself. If you can give us the gift of your time, we’d love to have you!